Predator Free Dunedin is a conservation collective formed to create a biodiversity rich city. 20 organisations working together, under one umbrella, to achieve predator free status over 31,000 hectares.

We are strengthening existing projects, such as The Halo Project, and the Predator Free Peninsula, as well as linking the areas between them with new predator control programs.

Our goal is for a predator free Dunedin by 2050.

Core funders:




Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki Incorporated; Te Rūnanga o Ōtākou; Dunedin City Council, Otago Regional Council, OSPRI Limited, Department of Conservation, University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic, and Landcare Research New Zealand Limited.

The Landscape Connections Trust, Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust, The Otago Chamber of Commerce Incorporated, Otago Natural History Trust, The Dunedin Wildlife Trust, Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Incorporated, Otago Peninsula Trust, The Pukekura Trust, Save the Otago Peninsula Society Incorporated, and Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Community Incorporated .

Predator Free Dunedin Charitable Trust

The trust has been established with the purpose of: promoting conservation and the preservation and protection of New Zealand's native species, including through advancing the long-term goal of eradication of introduced mammalian predators, such as possums, mustelids and rodents, for environmental, economic, social and cultural purposes.

The initial primary goal of the Trust is to administer a grant from Predator Free 2050 Limited and other core funders Otago Regional Council and Dunedin City Council. However, its long-term vision is to achieve a predator free state in the city and rural landscape through local community support and involvement.

Our Trustees:

Marian Hobbs (Chairperson), Kate Wilson, Alister Robinson, Mark Hanger, Matt Harcombe, Hoani Langsbury

Our Project Management TEAM:

Rhys Millar (Project Lead), Mike Thorsen (Science and Technical support), Brent Rohloff (Operational support)


Our Communications and Media TEAM:

Reframed Media:  Josh Jenkins and Josh Jeffery


We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Craig McKenzie for his gorgeous photographs.