Orokonui Ecosanctuary is at the heart of the predator free movement to the north of the city. The possum, stoat, and rat-free environment successfully raised native bird populations, to the point where they have spilled out into nearby areas.  South Island kākā are already occupying people’s backyards in Osborne and Waitati, and they will continue to spread out if given the chance.

That’s where the Halo Predator Free Project comes in. First trapping just beyond the Orokonui fence, but moving further and further afield – reaching all the way to Dunedin city, and even across Goat and Quarantine Islands.  See the Halo Project website for more details:

The goal for this area is to reduce possums and stoats to very low numbers, by 2021. The next step, is to move into urban areas, starting with Port Chalmers. But wherever you live in the area, you have a part to play.   

Do your bit 

We need all kinds of people to help. Whether you’re happy emptying traps, or are a bit squeamish, there’s a job for you. 

• Host a backyard trap 
• Join a local trapping group 
• Become a local team leader 
• Assist with biodiversity monitoring 
• Help to fix or construct traps 
• Deliver newsletters or information flyers 
• Enter trapping data.